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// LED Dancefloor Hire | Acrylic Black and White Dancefloor Hire 


White Starlight LED Dancefloor Setup
White LED Starlit Dance Floor
Wedding Dancefloor Hire



Our white LED Dance floors look stunning in any wedding venue and are even better when complimented with our wedding venue uplighting. By hiring one of our white LED starlight Dance floors for your wedding or event you not only achieve the clearly designated dancing space which draws people to the Dancefloor, but you add a piece of decor with a real WOW factor for your wedding day / function. 


We have the ability to control our White LED Dancefloors in static mode, slow twinkle, or fast twinkle to make sure that the starlit Dancefloor fits in perfectly for your event. Whether the white LED Dancefloor is paired with simple uplighting as pictured above, or used with only a professional DJ Booth, one of our LED Dancefloor's in either White will complete the look of your event space, you can gaurantee that if you hire a white starlit Dancefloor for your wedding, you have your guests talking about it as soon as they step into the room!



Black LED Dancefloor Hire
Black LED Dancefloor Hire


DJ Package Image Dancefloor and DJ Lighting



Our black LED starlight Dancefloors are extremely popular to hire for Corporate events, Parties and for wedding clients seeking to compliment a Black themed reception. The black LED Dance floor has a gloss appearance and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Hire a black starlit LED Dancefloor for your corporate event, party or Wedding to add a touch of sophistication and class to your event. The black LED Dance floor  is the go-to piece of decor for any event venue seeking an alternative to the popular white led Dancefloor. Hire our Black LED Dancefloor alongside our other event services, and let us transform your event.



Our traditional Black and White chequered Dancefloors are popular at all types of event where a designated dancing space or solid floor is required. These Dancefloors are a great alternative to the traditional white LED Dancefloor or black starlight Dancefloor. The chequered Dancefloor effect adds a striking look to any party room and provides a clear and definite space to Dance.  With a high gloss finish and sleek chequered pattern, our black and white chequered Dancefloor for hire proves a popular choice when you need to hire a Dancefloor for your event, but are looking for a more cost effective, but equally stunning  alternative to hiring a LED starlight dancefloor.


  • What size Dancefloor's do you stock and what size is right for me?
    Our Dancefloors are modular, and are assembled with individual panels in a combination of 2ft and 4ft sections. This means we can create any size floor in multiples of even numbers. 10 x 10 ft , 12 x 12 ft, 16 x 16ft, 18 x 18ft & 20 x 20ft are all popular sizes for square dancefloors. We often tailor the Dancefloor Hire to meet the dimensions and aestethics of your function room, creating floors which are rectangular in shape, e.g: 16 x 24ft, 18 x 30 ft etc. We will recommend the right size of Dancefloor to hire for your event, based on the number of guests you are expecting. You can use this rough guide to calculate the Dancefloor size required. As a rough estimate you can expect around 1/3 of guests to be standing on the actual Dance floor at any one time. Based on this we recommend the following guide for size of Dancefloor to hire: 50 Guests = 10 x 10 ft Dancefloor Hire 100 Guests = 12 x 12 ft Dancefloor Hire 150 Guests = 14 x 14 ft Dancefloor Hire 200 Guests = 16 x 16 ft Dancefloor Hire 250 Guests = 18 x 18 ft Dancefloor Hire 300 Guests = 20 x 20 ft Dancefloor Hire 350 Guests = 22 x 22 ft Dancefloor Hire 400 Guests = 24 x 24 ft Dancefloor Hire 450 Guests = 26 x 26 ft Dancefloor Hire 500 Guests = 28 x 28 ft Dancefloor Hire 600 Guests = 30 x 30 ft Dancefloor Hire Some clients may wish to hire a Dancefloor that is bigger than these recommendations for decor purposes. Other clients seek to reduce the size of their Dancefloor Hire to meet the requirements of the event space, or to hire a Dancefloor on a budget. Either way, we work with you to achieve the best outcome for you and your event.
  • On what surface can you lay a Dancefloor?
    All of our Dancefloors need to be laid on a hard flat surface. The good news is that nearly all of the venues we have worked in are suitable, however some do require us to lay protection which can be arranged. We currently do not provide Dancefloors for hire outdoors, although boarded marquees are perfectly fine.
  • What are the access requirements and setup times for the Dance floor Hire?
    Setup times for the most common size of Dancefloor hire (16x16ft) will take between 45 minutes (2 people), and an hour and a half (1 person) once the Dancefloor has been unloaded and brought into the function room. We will always strive to have 2 crew available on our Dancefloor hire team, however there are some occasions when we need to be in multiple places, and may have just a single person lay the Dance floor. Please note that access needs to be level or only slightly ramped into the function room as a full LED dance floor on a single trolley weights around 450kg. It is possible to bring our Dancefloors into venues with steps, however this needs to be discussed and we need to be aware prior to quoting as a custom quotation will be required. It can take upto an additional 1 hour to get into (and then out of) a venue with difficult access, and this will possibly add to your cost of hiring a Dancefloor.
  • Why hire a Dancefloor from Capital DJ Services?
    We are the Dancefloor Supplier of choice for many, and are very experienced at what we do! We provide Dancefloor hire in some of the home counties top venues and to a handful of high profile production companies. As a result we have a dedicated and extremely experienced Dancefloor hire team who lay multiple Dancefloors week in, week out. We work quickly and efficiently, and always give our Dancefloors a thorough clean and final buff prior to guest arrival, to leave you with a clean, corporate grade Dancefloor. Our Dancefloors are purchased and manufactured by leading UK Dancefloor manufacturers , and are of the highest quality, meaning you can be rest assured that you will not be disppointed with your Dancefloor hire from Capital DJ Services. We stock both Wired Dancefloors from PFM and Wireless LED Dancefloors, so can cater to a variety of requirements, and be rest assured, we always aim to carry spare power supplies, Dancefloor panels, Dancefloor edging and the very best Dancefloor cleaning products!
  • How much do your Dancefloors cost to hire, and how is the price calculated?"
    A 16 x 16ft LED Dancefloor will costs us (not you), around £8,000 to purchase and then we incur annual expenses such as storage units, insurance and servicing of the Dancefloor panels. Each event then incurs crew fee, van and fuel expenses and finally cleaning and labour costs. As you can imagine there is a significant amount of investment of both money and time that go into each and every one of our Dancefloors in order to keep them looking great. It is for this reason that our Dancefloor's have a minimum job fee with each Dancefloor hire. A White or Black LED Dancefloor hire starts from £450, depending on size, location and access into the venue. Our Chequered Dancefloor hire will start from £350, depending on the Dancefloor size, location and access into the venue. You will find our prices to be some of the most competitive, and remember we provide discounts on packages including combinations of DJ hire, Dancefloor hire, and uplighting hire.


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