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Venue Before Uplighting

Venue After Uplighting


The impact the uplighting makes to the room is significant. Just look at the before and after pictures from one of our uplighting jobs above.


The use of LED uplighters will simply transform the venue from plain and ordinary, to vibrant and atmospheric. Hiring uplighting for your event is one of the most cost effective methods of decorating the venue. Our uplighting fixtures  wash colour across the walls and ceilings, which highlights the curves and features of the event space, making your room stand out, giving a true WOW factor to your function.


We set the uplighting colours to suit your theme or to compliment the room. The uplighters can also be set to change colour during an event , for example, where you want brighter colours during the daytime (Such as a ceremony or dinner) , and a more warm atmospheric colour in the evening (for dancing).


Uplighters are often used during discos and parties and work well for theme nights when set on 'Sound to light' mode. The lighting will change colour in time to the beat,  leaving the room changing colour all night long!  


Our wireless uplighters are the go-to lighting fixture for decorating wedding venues, marquees, halls, bars and function rooms, and are bright, powerful, and incredibly energy efficient. With 11 hours running time,  No venue decoration is complete without the use of our wireless LED uplighting.


Have a look at the image below, where wireless uplighters were used against the main pillars in the room. There are no power points here, meaning the wired fixtures would not have be able to achieve the same result. Be sure to discuss the benefits of hiring wireless uplighting instead of wired uplighting hire with a member of the lighting hire team. We can provide solid factual information of the pro's and con's for wired and wireless uplighting hire at your event venue.









Frequently asked questions

What exactly is uplighting? (Mood lighting hire)

Uplighting, otherwise known as ' Mood Lighting', is the term used to describe the use of professional lighting fixtures positioned at the bottom of a wall, to create a wash of colour to ' up - light ' the walls. This creates a unique atmosphere in a otherwise plain room. This is where the term ' Mood Lighting' also comes into play when talking about uplighting hire. The use of colour can be used to set a warm, or cool theme to the room, and can also be used to match colour themes, or suit corporate branding.

How many uplighters will I need to hire?

This depends on the size and design of the room. We will be able to suggest an accurate number of uplighters to hire, once you provide us with this information. For a rough idea based on a square or rectangular room, you would need one uplighter in each corner, and then position the uplighters around the perimiter of the room, every 3-5 metres, for a good full effect. If the room has pillars, archways, or other features, venue uplighting can be used to also highlight these. A typical uplighting hire will be between 12- 20 uplighting fixtures, depending on the size of the room and effect you desire.

Should I choose Wired or Wireless uplighting?

This depends on your individual requirements. For the majority of private parties and events, wired uplighting works just fine, and you achieve a fantastic effect, at a great price. For corporate bookings and some wedding clients, we are booking more of our Wireless uplighting hire. This is due to the fact that the Wireless fixtures do not need to be plugged into a mains socket, or linked together. This avoids trailing a cable (Neatly we may add), around the outside of your venue, which for some corporate or wedding clients appear unsightly. You will also want to consider Wireless uplighting when you need to uplight features of a room where there are no power sockets, E.g. Pillars in the middle of a room. The Pros of Wired uplighting hire = Cost and Budget. The Pros of Wireless uplighting hire = Ease of use, neater, a more professional finish, can use anywhere. Whatever you decide, we will be able to quote for both forms of uplighting hire.

Can I use uplighters outside?

There are outdoor specific uplighters which we can use outside. We do not use our indoor uplighters outside, although Marquees are fine. Please let us know if you would like outdoor uplighting for the house, venue or features in a garden such as below.

Why should I hire uplighting?

Uplighting will transform a plain room into one with atmosphere and character. It will compliment colour schemes, and define the feel of your venue. Uplighting allows you to have light in a room which would otherwise be dark, or require the ' house lights' , to remain on or dimmed during the event. People do not like to dance in 'normal' light, and this is often overlooked when planning your event. To counter this you should provide some atmosphere with uplighting, and put guests at ease in an environment which is not too bright, allowing everyone to be seen, whilst making the venue look fantastic! We offer a delivery/set-up and collection when hiring uplighting from us, and will provide advice and support to change the uplighting colour and settings. Our event crew will position and fully set up the uplighting for you if you require!

How much will uplighting cost me?

This depends on the type and number of uplighting fixtures we use. We offer the most competitive prices when uplighting hire is added as an extra to your DJ , Dancefloor or event booking. Remember that Wired uplighting hire is the more cost effective solution and are available from as little as £10 per fixture. However our Wireless battery uplighters for hire are a more premium product, often requested for corporate and high end wedding clients. Enquire today about wireless uplighting hire or wired uplighting hire to get an exact price for your vent space. It will help if you know the size of the room so we can recommend how many uplighters you will need to hire for your event.


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