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DJ Bio

Christopher was just 16 when he blagged his age to get into a Beastie Boys concert, seeing Mix Master Mike cut and scratch had him hooked….Christopher bought his first pair of decks and a mixer after saving for a whole year !

RnB, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Raggaeton, Moombah, House, Garage, Commercial, DnB and anything in between, from any period of time are the music genres which  Influence Christopher to mix and blend how he does today.

Christopher started Djing at the age of 18 at house parties and instantly caught the bug for entertaining and making people dance. Over the next few years he played at events and official club after parties in his home city of Manchester and Leeds.

After a brief hiatus and a move to London he secured various residencies all over the capital playing for some of London’s finest clubs, bars and cocktail lounges as well as many one off events and festivals all over the UK with even trips to the USA, Latvia and Romania.  

Christopher has also been the DJ of choice for some high profile corporate clients including American Express, and describes one of the highlights of his DJ career as performing at Boomtown Fair.

A lover of all music Christopher is a true music junkie, able to play low key chill sets right up to full on tear out festival stompers and everything in the middle, a DJ right to the core who lives to entertain, Christopher has an impeccable ability to read a crowd and juggle genres to ensure nobody is left sat down.

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Christopher Smashed it!


—  Private Client, 30th Party.

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