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Chequered Dancefloor Hire - Still a timeless classic!

Out came our Chequered Dancefloor last month in its full glory. 20 x 20ft of pure Acrylic gloss, a timeless compliment to the classic wedding room - White.

Contrary to the ever popular LED Starlight dance floors for hire in london , our chequered Dancefloor takes a back seat, it serves as it should, a clearly defined space for people to dance the night away! With clean lines and edging, hiring the chequered dance floor is a fantastic option when the LED Dancefloor's are not quite right for you, or perhaps you have a black and white theme planned?

Whatever your reason, you can be sure that you get the best dance floors available for hire in London, through Capital DJ Services. No cheap imports, all UK manufactured and well maintained dance floor's for hire.


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