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Siemens The Crystal Launch: A seemingly inconceivable idea, executed flawlessly

Siemens Cryctal London Launch, Capital DJ Services, Corporate DJ

Capital DJ Services provided professional DJ services at one of the the most spectacular corporate events to date. The Crystal London, Opened 19th September 2012. The highlight of the event was this projection mapping, on the exterior of the building. Please take a look, it will give you an idea of the scale of this event and the professionalism and organisation required when providing services at this level.

The Crystal – a Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens – is host to the world’s largest exhibition and conference centre dedicated to urban sustainability, promoting independent dialogue and collaboration that will fuel innovation and the creation of successful, sustainable cities.

Capital DJ Services were part of producing a fitting launch event which would unveil the uniquely shaped, glass-clad structure and establish the Urban Sustainability Centre as a new landmark amongst London society and a knowledge hub for sustainable cities.

The launch activities kick- started with a press conference and VIP launch attended by international media, the board of Siemens and Boris Johnson, who was invited to open what is one of the world’s greenest buildings. The Crystal also played host to UN Habitat’s Urban Planning Conference and a Digital Life Design (DLD) conference, exploring innovation, digital media, science and culture.

The highlight of the dynamic showcase event was undoubtedly the 6-minute 3D projection mapping show across the Crystal’s façade. Innovision (The company responsible for the projection mapping) overcome huge technical challenges to design and implement this spectacular light projection show, turning the building’s glass-fronted exterior into a non-reflective surface for the unprecedented display.

This pioneering idea was delivered seamlessly, resulting in the conveyance of a powerful message on sustainable living which put Siemens, and The Crystal, well and truly on the global map.


Photo Credit: Marcus Lyall

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